Removable prostheses

Thanks to our denturist Chantal Thibodeau, we offer you a complete denturist service. Whether it is to make, redo or modify your removable prostheses, we are here for you! Through a consultation with her, Chantal will take the time to assess your needs. She will listen to your requests and expectations regarding your future prosthesis. You will create a link to ensure ease of use and optimization of good results.

Made to measure and in the laboratory, your prostheses will have the natural appearance and comfort sought by all patients wearing dental prostheses.

One of the advantages much appreciated by our patients is the accessibility to all services on site. You will not have to travel to several places depending on the service you are looking for. You will find everything under one roof, accompanied by a warm, professional and qualified team.

As a team with Dr. Benko, they offer you the opportunity to have access to an excellent service for an implant prosthesis. Click on this link for more information on the subject.