Dental cleaning

In addition to daily maintenance at home, your teeth and gums need a thorough cleaning every 6 months with a dental hygienist. Regular monitoring will make it possible to detect the various problems before they develop into serious problems.

Complete dental cleaning, X-rays and examination by your dentist are 3 elements that will strongly contribute to maintaining adequate oral health.

Your overall health can often be affected by your dental health. It is therefore very important to take great care of it!


X-rays are necessary to detect various problems in the teeth and jaw that are not visible to the naked eye.

Necessary radiographs must be taken every year and a panoramic radiograph once every 5 years.

Cavities between teeth, cracks, root infections, jaw problems and many other dental problems can be diagnosed with the help of X-rays during a dental examination.

Panoramique Radiograph



Prevent cavities and reduce tooth sensitivity.


  • Application of varnish at the dentist’s office
  • using an at home mouthwash (X-Pure, Opti-Rince, etc.)
  • MIpaste (cream to apply at home)
  • Prevident 5000 from Colgate (Toothpaste)

It is to the tooth what sunscreen is to the skin, but unlike sunscreen, fluoride will act in the long term and will be more effective with each use. By applying fluoride regularly, you can reduce your chances of getting cavities by up to 70%.

Should we worry about fluoride?

In the context of an application on teeth only, absolutely not!

In fact, the World Health Organization, the Canadian Dental Association, Health Canada, and 100 other international organizations recommend its use.

The Sealants


Molars and premolars have small holes and cracks on their surface called pits and fissures. These areas accumulate food debris and allow bacteria to attack the tooth to form a cavity.


The sealant fills in these small, uncleanable grooves and removes these “traps” by closing them tightly so that the toothbrush can effectively scrub the entire surface of the tooth.

Stage 1

Small grooves in the tooth.

Stage 2

We seal the crack.

Stage 3

We polish the tooth.

Stage 4

We avoid cavities.