Because of the lack of use of the nightguard, the teeth are grinding, especially at night while sleeping.


You can experiment a few different symptoms from the lack of usage of the nightguard. It can be manifested by dental sensitivity, muscle pain in the jaw, headache, etc.

If not processed:

It can be the cause of damage to the enamel. The more we wait, it wears teeth faster and faster, making them more fragile. It may cause high sensitivity and pain.




The solution

The nightguard is a biocompatible acrylic device that is worn at night. Acting as a protection, it prevents teeth from wearing out and breaking.  This device can also eliminate creaking and reduce or eliminate muscle pain.

Call us to schedule an appointment with one of our dental hygienists and see if a nightguard could help you protecting your teeth from any problems that might occur, especially during the night.