Crowns and Bridges

The Crown

Several problems can lead to the need for a crown. For example, the crown is strongly recommended to solidify a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment or to cover a broken or severely damaged tooth. Several other issues require the use of a crown. Feel free to ask about it during your visits to the clinic, it will be our pleasure to answer all your questions!

The solution: The crown is a long term solution and a very solid solution to save a damaged tooth. The crown also has the advantage of offering a very aesthetic and natural result.


You have a damaged tooth


The crown is custom made


The crown is put in place

The Bridge

The purpose of the bridge is to replace a missing tooth. As shown in the images below, with the support of the adjacent teeth, it is possible to make a bridge that replaces the missing tooth.


You have a missing tooth.


The adjacent teeth are trimmed and serve as a support for the suspended tooth.


The bridge is installed.


Neither seen nor known! You can smile and chew safely.