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Freelance Blockchain Developers for Hire

Freelance Blockchain Developers for Hire 150 150 Juraj

Toptal is a global remote freelancing platform where you can hire a blockchain developer. Its founders started this platform focusing on technology talents, subsequently, it has diversified. Our blockchain developers create robust blockchain wallet apps that can hold various digital assets and currencies, allowing you to track your history and check your balance. To make sure you hire top blockchain developers we have a detailed, intensive vetting process.

blockchain developers for hire

You can find skilled Cryptocurrency Developers for hire on top freelance site like Guru. Hire our blockchain developers who can create the right business strategy and develop fiat-backed, commodity-backed, crypto-currency backed and asset-backed stable coins with decentralized governance. Despite being relatively easy to find and hire, freelance developers pose additional challenges for business owners. For example, managing freelancers can be tricky if you don’t have enough experience. Plus, hiring a blockchain developer on a freelance basis only makes sense if you have a short-term project.

An Insight Into The Services Offered By Our Blockchain Developers

Hire blockchain developers skilled in building decentralized applications for blockchain protocols like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Polkadot, Stellar, Tezos, Neo, etc. Our full-stack in-house blockchain developers can work in your timezone and qualify for our Silicon Valley Caliber Vetting Process. will match you with vetted blockchain developers with less effort required than a freelancer job board like Upwork or Fiverr — and, it’s specialized for software developers only. For lean and fast-moving early-stage startups, the investment might be worth the premium. A smart contract developer is a person who should know the internals of specific blockchain solutions. At the moment, the most popular solution that supports smart contracts is Ethereum.

blockchain developers for hire

Please note that in-house developer salaries on Glassdoor may not include bonuses and non-financial benefits. YouTeam’s commission is up to 10% of the engineer’s hourly rate, while on Upwork, you’ll pay a flat 5% fee for fixed-price and hourly jobs. A core blockchain developer designs the architecture of the blockchain system that underlies decentralized applications (dApps). That includes protocols, network architecture, backend development, and maintenance.

List of Top Enterprise Blockchain Development Companies

Turing has created the first and only AI-powered deep-vetting talent platform to deeply vet remote developers. Turing tests developers based on actual skills vs. self-reported experience from traditional resumes or job interviews. Every developer at Turing has to clear our tests for programming languages, data structures, algorithms, system designs, software specialization, frameworks, and more. blockchain developers for hire Each Turing developer goes through our automated seniority assessment test comprising 57 calibrated questions in 5 areas — project impact, engineering excellence, communication, people, and direction. Toptal is a network of top blockchain developers, engineers, and consultants. Top companies work with Toptal blockchain engineers to launch ICOs, write smart contracts, create Dapps, and more.

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Remember to thoroughly evaluate and vet potential candidates by reviewing their portfolios, conducting interviews, and assessing their technical skills. Seeking candidates from a combination of these sources will increase your chances of finding skilled and suitable blockchain developers for your organization. By seeking blockchain developers with these essential skills and attributes, businesses can ensure they have a competent team capable of building robust and innovative blockchain solutions. Hire blockchain developers to integrate blockchain technology with business processes from blockchain MVP development to smart contract audit. Boost your operational efficiency and productivity with prior execution of POC for your business use case.

How To Hire Blockchain Developers

There is no need to worry about what languages you can use for blockchain programming. Our experts cover all most all blockchain programming languages like Node JS, Rust, C++, React JS, Solidity, JavaScript/Jquery, Java, Golang, and ReactJS. Get hold of your cryptocurrency portfolio with our wallet development that is flexible, secure and safe. Our development follows security fundamentals that allow you to do more non-custodial or hardware wallets. He is highly skilled in technologies such as HTML, Website Development, JavaScript, React, etc.

Our developer communicates with me every day, and is a very powerful coder.


You will receive proposals from freelancers, subsequently, you need to shortlist and interview them. Send us an inquiry or call us to discuss your goals, needs, and timeline. Next, we will select or curate a team of Blockchain Developers from Flexible engagements are available to you anytime so that your focus is on your roadmap and not hiring.

blockchain developers for hire

Our blockchain developers have hands-on experience with all the latest tech stack needed for your blockchain development needs. Dedicated blockchain developers at excel in developing and maintaining enterprise-grade decentralized apps. This allows businesses of all sizes and types to accelerate time to market and maximize their Return on Investement. Hire top blockchain developers from Blocktech Brew to enjoy the benefits of having a development team that not only has extensive experience in high-end technologies but also in various industries. Get our AI consulting services or hire AI developers to innovate your business model. Our developers are well versed in the latest AI techniques like Deep learning, Machine learning, GANs, transformers and more to build smart AI apps for businesses.

The Rise of Blockchain Technology

Every event coming from the blockchain needs to be correctly handled by a DApp and the DApp should also reflect the current state of the blockchain in real time. Also, in cases where a piece of data needs to be pushed into the blockchain, a DApp developer needs to know how to achieve that. Their support gave rise to solutions like Hyperledger, R3 Corda, and Quorum, an enterprise-focused version of Ethereum started by J.P. These solutions can handle many use cases that cannot be supported by public networks. For example, they have much better transaction throughput, additional security layers, and specific consensus algorithms. A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that could be used as a replacement for existing fiat currencies.

  • The developers I was paired with were incredible — smart, driven, and responsive.
  • Its decentralised, secure, and transparent nature has led to the adoption of blockchain in supply chain management, financial services, healthcare, and more.
  • There are many known security issues, and these can sometimes cause financial loss.
  • Our developers do daily standups with your team to ensure that we are working on tasks what’s valuable to your project.
  • Total’s screening and matching process ensures exceptional talent are matched to your precise needs.

These pre-built services and APIs enable you to stand up your blockchain projects almost instantly, giving you more time to focus on iteration, customization, and enhancing the overall user experience. Hire best cryptocurrency developers to create cryptocurrencies or altcoins with decentralized governance. Our developers can also assist you in formulating the best business plan for developing and launching cryptocurrencies.

Visa focuses on blockchain in financial services

One of the goals of cryptocurrency technology is to eliminate the requirement of having a central authority which approves transactions. Toptal’s ability to rapidly match our project with the best developers was just superb. The developers have become part of our team, and I’m amazed at the level of professional commitment each of them has demonstrated.

9 11: Finite-state Machine Overview Engineering Libretexts

9 11: Finite-state Machine Overview Engineering Libretexts 150 150 Juraj

Each transition of a task have to be carried out atomically; that is, the values of the enter occasion buffers for that task should not change as quickly as it has been began. We can perform local optimization by collapsing teams of s-graph vertices with one entry point and two exit points into a single Test vertex, whose label we can acquire by perform composition. We can estimate the potential achieve of this collapsing because the reduction in code size and execution time due to the use of Boolean operations (used to compute the function) quite than tests and jumps.

This is as a outcome of an FSM’s reminiscence is proscribed by the number of states it has. A finite-state machine has the same computational power as a Turing machine that’s restricted such that its head might solely perform « read » operations, and always has to move from left to proper. In a DFA, for a selected enter character, the machine goes to 1 state solely. A transition operate is defined on every state for every input image. Also in DFA null (or ε) transfer is not allowed, i.e., DFA can’t change state without any input character.

In the nondeterministic automata, a state might have no transition or multiple transition for a given attainable enter. The key distinction between FSM and VFSM is that VFSMs use of a set of world variables. The present worth of those variables affect state transitions that in flip might alter the worth of the variables. This scheme lends itself each to polling and interrupt implementations of occasion detection, as it might possibly droop and resume an lively task at any time. We are nonetheless investigating technique of specifying real-time constraints, and scheduling algorithms used to satisfy them.

Robotics And Autonomous Systems

As a rule, enter is a sequence of symbols (characters); actions are not used. The begin state may also be an accepting state, by which case the acceptor accepts the empty string. The example in determine 4 shows an acceptor that accepts the string « good ». FSMs are extensively used in compiler design for lexical analysis, which involves scanning the supply code and identifying particular person tokens.

You don’t want to know computational principle to build a “Contact Us” kind in PHP. An elevator control system could be represented using an FSM with states similar to ‘Idle,’ ‘Moving Up,’ ‘Moving Down,’ and ‘Stopped.’ Transitions occur when a person presses a ground button or the elevator reaches a destination. The FSM ensures that the elevator moves to the specified floors and opens/closes the doorways at appropriate times. Finite state machines are utilized in quite so much of day-to-day functions. While you might not directly interact with FSMs, they are employed within the background to control and manage various techniques and processes.

The software permits for the FSM or EFSM model to be written as in Java, and offers a set of algorithms for traversing the model and generating the test-cases. The test-cases are generated on-line, and the EFSM mannequin is used to outline each the potential states and transitions in the mannequin, and likewise the adaptor that connects the mannequin to the SUT, which could be one other Java class. Variable finite state machine (VFSM) is a technique employed by Shehady et al. [4] to symbolize the GUI states of a GUI-based software. The authors show that VFSMs require fewer states to characterize the GUI, are more intuitive for representing a GUI, and can be utilized to create testcases and detect faults in a GUI-based software. This DFA recognizes all strings that have a fair variety of 0’s (and any variety of 1’s). This signifies that if you run any input string that has an even number of 0’s, the string will finish in the accepting state.

finite state machine

The update() method of the FSM class must be invoked each sport frame, so that it could name the operate pointed by the activeState property. That call will update the actions of the at present energetic state. The machine under is a deterministic model of the non-deterministic machine above. In the machine under, a last state of t or v is reached by any string that’s accepted by the machine.

How Does A Finite State Machine Work?

He also worked as a Research Staff Member (Research Scientist) at IBM T.J Watson Research Center the place he invented varied statistical algorithms to enhance Speech-to-Speech translation and Question Answering systems. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Columbia University and Bachelors (Honors) in Mathematics and Physics from Bates College. He has labored on big selection of topics that deal with great amount of information and Machine Learning methods. DFA does not accept the null move that means the DFA can’t change state without any input character. It can pop itself from the stack and push another state, which means a full transition (just like the easy FSM was doing).

The state function doesn’t need to be a member of FSM; it could belong to a different class, which makes the FSM class more generic and reusable. Let’s say you create a finite state machine that can settle for as a lot as 20 ‘a’s followed by 20 ‘b’s. That works fine, till you get a string of 21 ‘a’s adopted by 21 ‘b’s — at which level you’ll need to rewrite your machine to handle an extended string. Fortunately for us, the instance above is just barely extra complicated. In truth, this one is easy enough that we will rework it right into a deterministic machine in our head, without the assist of a proper algorithm.

An acceptor may be described as defining a language that would comprise every string accepted by the acceptor however not certainly one of the rejected ones; that language is accepted by the acceptor. By definition, the languages accepted by acceptors are the regular languages. There is a theoretical gadget that is much like a state machine, called a Turing Machine. It is similar to a finite state machine in that it has a paper strip which it reads. Regular expressions and finite state machines also have the identical limitations. In specific, they each can solely match or settle for patterns that might be dealt with with finite memory.

Mathematical Mannequin

A giant variety of nodes with a large fraction of channels point out a failure of the scheduling methodology. Several nodes within the community execute management changes with a excessive number of FCL. This is typical of excessive diploma nodes in the network that might see influence from a lot of “upstream” amplifier adjustments. The ModelJUnit library is a set of Jave courses designed for use as an extension of the JUnit for model-based testing of Java classes.

finite state machine

Transitions occur primarily based on the TCP flags which might be exchanged between speaking entities. Output actions involve establishing, sustaining, and terminating network connections. Similarly, protocols corresponding to HTTP and DNS employ FSMs to manage connection institution, information transfer, error dealing with, network routing, and sleek termination. To assist form a picture of how this could be utilized, a espresso machine shall be used as an example of a finite state machine.

Four Variable Finite State Machine

Finite state machines provide a structured approach to designing complex techniques and help perceive and implement their conduct effectively. FSMs are widely used to model and control techniques with discrete and sequential habits, corresponding to software protocols, digital circuits, robotic methods, and person interfaces, among others. They present a structured and systematic approach to designing and analyzing advanced systems, making them easier to grasp, implement, and keep.

  • In a DFA, for a selected input character, the machine goes to one state solely.
  • For each inch of paper there is a single letter printed on it–either the letter ‘a’ or the letter ‘b’.
  • In a non-deterministic automaton, an input can result in one, multiple, or no transition for a given state.
  • An NFA does not need to obey these restrictions, that means that each DFA can also be an NFA.

The working system should reset consumed occasions earlier than invoking a task once more. The personalized working system for each microcontroller consists of a scheduler and drivers for the I/O channels. Hence this can be very small and imposes little overhead, compared with standard operating techniques for real-time functions. Blockchain is a record-keeping expertise designed to make it inconceivable to hack the system or forge the data saved on it, thereby making it safe and immutable.

Determine the current state of the FSM and the acquired input event. For example, if the robot is in the ‘Idle’ state and receives a command to start cleansing, the FSM will tell the robot to transition to the ‘Cleaning’ state and begin finite state machine performing the cleaning action. Similarly, if the robotic is within the ‘Moving’ state and it detects an impediment, the FSM will instruct the robot to transition to the ‘Avoiding’ state and change its path to avoid the obstacle.

Define Transitions

All messages are transmitted to nearest neighboring components following the paths of network channels routed to neighboring nodes. All simulation occasions are normalized to the length of a single management adjustment (Tcontrol). In a typical industrial network, this length is on the order of seconds to minutes relying on the detailed nature of the control hardware. The methodology-specific, processor-independent first step allows a much wider exploration of the design house than a general-purpose compiler can typically obtain. We can reap the advantages of the reality that CFSMs compute a finite state response to a set of events, which is far less complicated to optimize than a generic high-level program.

Other strategies include using an implication table, or the Moore discount process. A state is an outline of the standing of a system that is waiting to execute a transition. A transition is a set of actions to be executed when a condition is fulfilled or when an occasion is acquired.

What is Systems Development Life Cycle? Definition from WhatIs com

What is Systems Development Life Cycle? Definition from WhatIs com 150 150 Juraj

Pertains to the discovery of issues within the company, formally and informally. These problems may appear unstructured; however, problems are usually connected, allowing the designer to overcome them by the end of the process. When teams have clarity into the work getting done, there’s no telling how much more they can accomplish in the same amount of time. The Smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done. Report on key metrics and get real-time visibility into work as it happens with roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed.

systems development life cycle definition

A system is any information technology component – hardware, software, or a combination of the two. Each system goes through a development life cycle from initial planning through to disposition. The planning phase typically includes tasks like cost-benefit analysis, scheduling, resource estimation, and allocation. The development team collects requirements from several stakeholders such as customers, internal and external experts, and managers to create a software requirement specification document. Various SDLC methodologies have been developed to guide the processes involved, including the original SDLC method, the Waterfall model.

What Is the Software Development Life Cycle? SDLC Explained

These included planning, creating, developing, testing, and deploying. Once a testable system is created, testing occurs using test scripts. Testing must be linked back to the defined requirements to ensure that they have been met. In addition, testing allows users to identify defects before the system is deployed. A testing environment that simulates the actual use of the system should be used.

  • The agile methodology prioritizes fast and ongoing release cycles, utilizing small but incremental changes between releases.
  • It involves multiple processes, tools, and people working together to manage every lifecycle aspect, such as ideation, design and development, testing, production, support, and eventual redundancy.
  • It is more commonly used for large scale projects with many developers.
  • All parties agree on the goal upfront and see a clear plan for arriving at that goal.
  • He or she will determine if the proposed design meets the company’s goals.

As a rule, these features help to finalize the SRS document as well as create the first prototype of the software to get the overall idea of how it should look like. To manage and control a substantial SDLC initiative, a work breakdown structure (WBS) captures and schedules the work. Once the software is certified, and no bugs or errors are stated, then it is deployed. During this stage, unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing are done.


As a leading provider of application security testing solutions, Veracode makes it easy for developers and security teams to integrate security throughout the SDLC. This makes it possible for developers to find and fix flaws at the most cost-efficient point in the development process and deliver more secure software, faster. This stage involves deploying the developed system into the production environment. This includes activities such as system installation, data migration, training end-users, and configuring necessary infrastructure. Implementation requires careful planning and coordination to minimize disruptions and ensure a smooth transition from the old system to the new one. This stage includes the development of detailed designs that brings initial design work into a completed form of specifications.

systems development life cycle definition

In this phase of SDLC, the actual development begins, and the programming is built. Developers have to follow the coding guidelines described by their management and programming tools like compilers, interpreters, debuggers, etc. are used to develop and implement the code. This is accomplished through « SRS »- Software Requirement Specification document which contains all the product requirements to be constructed and developed during the project life cycle.

Systems Development Life Cycle

Getting early feedback from an end user enables the elimination of issues and bugs in the early stages of software creation. At its core, the planning process helps identify how a specific problem can be solved with a certain software solution. Crucially, the planning stage involves analysis of the resources and costs needed to complete the project, as well as estimating the overall price of the software developed. The V-model (which is short for verification and validation) is quite similar to the waterfall model.

systems development life cycle definition

A system development life cycle or SDLC is essentially a project management model. It defines different stages that are necessary to bring a project from its systems development life cycle definition initial idea or conception all the way to deployment and later maintenance. The Development stage involves the actual coding and programming of the system.

What is the origin of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?

However, the waterfall model does not allow for the start of the next phase until the previous one is finished, is not suitable for long term projects and can get expensive if any changes are needed. The software development lifecycle (SDLC) outlines several tasks required to build a software application. The development process goes through several stages as developers add new features and fix bugs in the software.

The design stage is a necessary precursor to the main developer stage. Baselines[clarification needed] are established after four of the five phases of the SDLC, and are critical to the iterative nature of the model.[21] Baselines become milestones. Once the required function is done, an analysis is complete with auditing the feasibility of the growth of a product.

The 7 stages or phases of the System Development Life Cycle

Empower your people to go above and beyond with a flexible platform designed to match the needs of your team — and adapt as those needs change. “Let’s get this closer to what we want.” The plan almost never turns out perfect when it meets reality. Further, as conditions in the real world change, we need to update and advance the software to match. In short, we want to verify if the code meets the defined requirements. For example, define a nomenclature for files or define a variable naming style such as camelCase.

This will help your team to produce organized and consistent code that is easier to understand but also to test during the next phase. ” This stage of the SDLC means getting input from all stakeholders, including customers, salespeople, industry experts, and programmers. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of the current system with improvement as the goal. This content has been made available for informational purposes only. Learners are advised to conduct additional research to ensure that courses and other credentials pursued meet their personal, professional, and financial goals.

Life cycle

By adding new steps, developers could define clearer and more effective actions to reach certain goals. Technology has progressed over the years, and the systems have gotten more complex. Users have gotten used to technology that simply works, and various methods and tools ensure that companies are led through the lifecycle of system development. Verification and validation methodology requires a rigorous timeline and large amounts of resources. It is similar to the Waterfall model with the addition of comprehensive parallel testing during the early stages of the SDLC process. The Spiral model best fits large projects where the risk of issues arising is high.

Outsourcing vs Outstaffing Models in IT: What is the Difference?

Outsourcing vs Outstaffing Models in IT: What is the Difference? 150 150 Juraj

We provide consulting and full-cycle development services in web, mobile and MVP. If you’re considering outsourcing, contact us at and we will gladly help you. Maintaining a business means constantly searching for talent and opportunities.

outstaffing development

If you need highly specialized assistance, it is much easier to contact an agency that provides you with remote web development. If your dedicated teams lack several specialists, you can involve the staff augmentation process for a certain period of time. Such employees may even work exclusively on your project, but they will not have to be hired on staff for several months. A dedicated offshore team consists of two or more high-quality developers involved in the development of a particular part of the project. Unlike outstaffing, a software outsourcing company manages the developers in the hired dedicated team. And, unlike the outsource cooperation model, a dedicated team is responsible for a certain part of the development process.

Software Outsourcing and Outstaffing with ProCoders

In general, cost savings should not be the first (much less the only) reason for choosing outstaffing. We recommend outsourcing for secondary projects or functions and outstaffing what is outstaffing for the primary ones, the quality of which determines the future of the entire company. There are many ways in which you can find and hire outstaff or outsource cooperators.

  • The outsourcing approach lacks transparency because the client provides the outsourced service provider with their specifications and receives the results at the end of the task period.
  • In Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich and nationwide, we offer you all the services of an advertising agency that makes your company fit for the digital age….
  • • When outsourcing, the contractor or staff is usually subcontracted.
  • We only get a commission from our partners when we create a lasting match and you start your development over there.
  • Outsource web app development can be a great way to take your business to the next level.

With outsourcing, a client company hires a whole development team and a manager who is responsible for running the project. Of course, the customer is still in charge, meaning they are giving all the guidelines and goals in advance. Outsourcing and outstaffing are also often confused with offshoring. Offshoring is a model that involves transferring a part of business to a foreign country. The offshoring model involves hiring a permanent, remote team in a different country.

What is outsourcing?

Recognizing the differences between outsourcing and outstaffing models can help you reveal the best approach for your projects. The choice of the described models entirely depends on your business needs and requirements. Outsourcing development company can save your time and money for the new project launch, especially if your in-house team is engaged in another one. You can use outstaffing services if you urgently need IT specialists and have no time and skills for hiring. With the outstaffing approach, the client has full control over management.

outstaffing development

This makes it an attractive option for businesses looking for low-cost offshore development solutions with a lower average rate for outsourced software developers. Senior developers charge more than junior ones because they have more experience doing similar tasks in the past. Also, you must consider that senior developers are more likely to produce higher-quality code which can save you money on bug fixes later. There is increased time, effort, and resources required for analysis and design, making for a longer and more robust development circle.

Outstaffing vs. Outsourcing: What to Choose?

Still can’t decide which employment model suits your company — outsourcing or outstaffing? Here is a detailed breakdown of every aspect of the development process within these two models. Please note that these are general aspects that might differ between outsourcing/outstaffing companies you’ll work with.

Showing a staggering 37% annual growth, artificial intelligence is an investment opportunity companies can’t ignore. There are many advantages to outsourcing, and the following five outsourcing features should be enough to convince you. IT outsourcing can be complex, but it is also one of your company’s most important decisions.

How to Choose the Best Website Development Outsourcing Company

This makes it easier for people from both teams to collaborate on specific tasks without having too much overlap between their responsibilities (which can lead to confusion). ProCoders are continually looking for skilled developers and providing a large enough pool of candidates so that we can use our resources effectively. We can offer clients top-quality service by hiring only experienced, reliable workers and people who are comfortable with our company. Outstaffing is also a great way of adding more people to your project. This includes countries such as Estonia, Croatia, Portugal, Albania, India, etc. We’ve found that the best countries for outsourcing software development are those that have a strong business culture and an economy that is focused on innovation.

outstaffing development

In this article we’ll define, compare and inspect pros and cons of outsourcing and outstaffing models. If you’re on the fence about your ability to outsource vs outstaff, ProCoders can help you choose the information technology outsourcing services. There are many options to consider in the outsourcing vs outstaffing debate.

Outstaffing Disadvantages

While opportunities occur through effort and chance, talent seeking is a task one can manage. But, as everything comes with a price, hand-picked in-house talent may cost too much. This is where outsourcing, offshoring and outstaffing models come in handy.

This ensures that the employee’s absence doesn’t impact the development team’s productivity and efficiency. Outsourcing is a remote software development process transferred to another company that wholly controls the project’s running. Another option is to consider the first variant between outsourcing vs. outstaffing models. There are many benefits of outstaffing, but the most important is that it gives your company the flexibility to get the job done, no matter what. It’s easier to manage your team when you’re not having to do all the hiring, training, and firing.

Hidden Costs

Outsourcing is usually more expensive because you have to pay for management services as well. With outstaffing, you have no such costs because all management is on your side. Hence, outstaffing gives you more control over the direct impact of your project, which means you can be better aligned with your set budget. You can build an app through an app builder or go for custom app development.Let us have a look at the significant differences between App builder and Custom built apps.

If your company is not technically oriented and there are no in-house experts who could lead the development team, outsourcing is more suitable for you. In case you have your own staff but need to work with remote specialists and build processes, then you can turn to outstaffing. When outstaffing, you completely control their work; they do not receive assignments from the outstaffing company but from your company’s manager.

For smaller businesses, Pichukov suggests not sticking to a strict update release schedule. Outstaffing company provides you with qualified resources and creates the required comfort and productive environment for them. As a result, you stay more focused on your project and requirements and efficiently run your remote department.